Investment Property Depreciation: How to Maximise Your Tax Deductions

11 January 2023
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If you are a property investor, you must know the benefits of tax deductions on depreciation. In general, buildings will age and experience wear and damage over time. This deterioration is a decline in worth, even when the potential sales price increases. You can claim a tax deduction on the lost value for commercial and residential real estate. However, you must ensure the depreciation is conducted correctly to avoid audit complications and maximise the value of the final deduction. Read More 

4 Ways a Financial Advisor Can Reduce Your Tax Bill

20 June 2017
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If you are currently preparing your annual tax return and have discovered you owe more than expected to the tax man, it may be the right time to call in a financial advisor. Below is a guide to 4 ways a financial advisor can help you to reduce your tax bill. Optimisation of Debt Some forms of debt which have interest payments, such as that which is used for investment purposes such as a mortgage for an investment property or a margin loan which is part of a share portfolio, can be used as tax deductible items on your tax return. Read More 

5 Useful Ways to Save Money on Business Insurance

8 June 2017
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Business insurance can be essential if you want to ensure that your business is financially protected from everything from fire to theft to liability. In some cases such as dealing with company cars, business insurance is even legally required. Although the expense is necessary, you don't want to spend more money than you need to. Here are some tips on saving money. 1. Consolidate Your Plans In many cases, you may have multiple policies for your business. Read More